Bellia Angela

Bellia Angela

Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage, Italy
Marie Curie Researcher, National Research Council

Angela Bellia is a Marie Curie Researcher at the Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage at the Italian National Research Council. Her work concerns a particular area of social sciences and humanities, and involves the fields of archaeoacoustics and digital heritage.

Thanks to the first Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, she carried out her research at the Institute of Fine Arts at the New York University, devoting her attentions towards the reconstruction of the musical dimension of an ancient Greek polis in the West. She also improved her training in “3D Modelling for Cultural Heritage” and in “Acquiring and Post-Processing 3D Data in Archaeology”. For her new methodology in the use of digital technology in virtual environments, she received the Prize ITWIIN 2016 for the most “Exceptionally Creative Woman”. More recently, thanks to the second Marie Curie Individual Fellowship, she carries out her research devoting her attentions towards archaeoacoustics as a new approach in the study of intangible cultural heritage.

She has been Chair of the Northern Italy Chapter of the Marie Curie Alumni Association. At present, she is Chair of the Events & Network Working Group and an active member of the MCAA. Currently, as the main organiser, she is engaged in the organisation of a MCAA panel for the European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting of the 2018 that will take place in Barcelona, in order to promote MCAA’s activities and the community of MCAA archaeologists.

Angela Bellia takes part in the "Pâtisserie with the Prof" sessions, come debate and enjoy a talk with her on 11 July at the ESOF Agora Square at 6:30 pm.