Ruiz Maria Teresa

Ruiz Maria Teresa

University of Chile, Chile
Astronomer, President of the Academia Chilena de Ciencias

She was the first woman to successfully study astronomy at the University of Chile,[1] the first female scientist to receive a PhD in astrophysics at Princeton University, and in 1997 became the first woman to receive her country's National Prize for Exact Sciences.[2] Also, she received a postdoctoral position at Tiestre Observatory, Ruiz worked for two years in UNAM, the Institute of Astronomy in Mexico.

Ruiz did research at Trieste, Mexico and New York City before she gained a Guggenheim fellowship. She discovered Kelu 1, a brown dwarf.[1]

As of May 2016, she is current president of the Chilean Academy of sciences and a professor at the University of Chile,[3] where she teaches astronomy. She is also the director of the Centro de Astrofísica CATA (CATA Centre for Astrophysics).

L'Oréal-UNESCO Awards for Women in Science, 2017.

Maria Teresa Ruiz takes part in the "Pâtisserie with the Prof" sessions, come debate and enjoy a talk with her on 13 July at the ESOF Agora Square at 6:30 pm.