Lago Teresa

Lago Teresa

International Astronomical Union
Full Professor (retired) at the University of Porto, International Astronomical Union General Secretary 2018-2021 (elected)

Full Professor (retired) of Astronomy at the University of Porto. Graduated at the UP (1971), M.Sc. (1975) and Ph.D (1979) in Astronomy (University of Sussex). Responsible for setting-up at the UP: the 1st Astronomy Degree in the country (1983); European Inter-university Masters Degree (1994-98) involving 6 European universities; Astronomy Doctoral Program (2003-10).

Coordinating member of “European Astrophysics Doctoral Network” a network of 33 European Universities (1986-97). Author of the “National Plan for the Development of Astronomy” (1987), founder the Centre for de Astrophysics (UP, 1988) that she directed for 18 years. Created the Porto Planetarium (1996). Prepared the Association of Portugal to ESO (1989) and was National Delegate to the ESO Council until 2013. Chaired the national Scientific Council for “Earth & Space Sciences” (2004-05). Member Chair of various Advisory Boards, namely: Governing Board-School of Cosmic Physics-DIAS (1995-99); Council of the EAS (1996-99); European Commission (DGXII) (1996-99); ESA Space Science Committee (2000-03); Space Science & Astronomy (Finland Academy of Sciences 2003); Aalto University (2009); School of Physical Sciences, Dublin City University (2010-12); “Institute Universitaire de France” (2011-12); “Initiatives d’Excellence”, Agence National de la Recherche (2011); Humboldt Foundation (2011-13).

President of “Porto 2001-European Capital of Culture” (1999-2002). Elected Member of Parliament (2002, independent in Socialist Party) choose not to exercise the mandate. Member of the Porto Municipal Assembly & of the Metropolitan Assembly (2009-13). Founding member of the Scientific Council of the European Research Council (2005-13), Chair of ERC’s Gender Balance Working Group (2009-13).

Main interests: Astrophysics, Education & Research, Scientific Culture, Science Management & Science Policy.

Honours: “Henri Chrétien Award” (AAS, 1985), Associate (RAS, 1990), member of the Academiae Europeae
(1992), Medal of Merit (Ministry for Science & Technology, 2016).

Teresa Lago takes part in the "Pâtisserie with the Prof" sessions, come debate and enjoy a talk with her on 11 July at the ESOF Agora Square at 6:30 pm.