Airbus, France
Experimental Test Pilot VP Flight test Regulation A350 Project pilot

After aeronautical engineering studies, and air force training as fighter pilot, started his carrier in 1990 in the French Flight Test Center (Centre d’Essais en vol), acting initially as flight test engineer, then as test pilot, taking eventually the lead of whole flight test activities as last duty before leaving state service. He joined Airbus in 2000, as experimental test pilot.

After one-year secondment in Hamburg, testing and delivering the A320 family aircraft produced in Germany, he joined the development team in Toulouse, and participated to A340-600, A340-500, A318, A380 and more recently A400 and A350 test programs. He has been significantly involved in the A380 certification, both for European and American authorities.

He was appointed head of development tests in 2007. During those 5 years, he led the certification tests for the second version of A380 and the initial and certification campaign of A400M, and the A350 campaign preparation. Since June 2012, beside his new A350 project pilot duties, he’s also project pilot for research programs, and manages the Airbus Flight Test Schools, and has been in charge of flight test regulations, in relation with Aviation Authorities. He participates as expert to the establishment of European regulation since 2008. As project pilot for A350, he captained A350-1000 maiden flight in November 2016 and coordinates pilots involvement in A350-1000 test campaign.

He’s been involved for 10 years in the A340 BLADE laminar wing program and tests, including first flight. Since 2008 he has contributed to Airbus Foundation involvement in relief operations, to the benefit of ACF and HCR, organising directly and running several of them (Chengdu, Haiti, Libya, Philippines and Nepal). Hugues married in 1988 and has three children.