Science in the City Festival

Join us at the "Science in the City" festival from 7 to 15 July

The high point of the European City of Science year will be the Science in the City Festival 2018, the general public event of the ESOF forum, with more than 120 events in Toulouse and its surroundings. The festival will be held from 7 to 15 July across the city.

Discover the major scientific advances of the past and present day, understand their impact on the fields of health, town planning or agriculture, assess what answers science might provide for the major challenges of the future (demographics, health, water, environment…), meet researchers from around the world and gain a better understanding of discoveries and innovations that are "Made in Toulouse". These will be just some of the opportunities provided by the festival. For the people of Toulouse and for visitors, this will be a chance to (re)discover the city from a different angle, in the footsteps of great local researchers and inventors throughout the history of science in Toulouse.

In 2018, Toulouse’s heart will beat even more to the rhythm of science and innovation and it will truly become "the place to be" for all lovers of understanding and knowledge.

Thanks to this festival, the public can meet top scientists from all backgrounds and "share science", which is the motto of ESOF 2018.

Science, why and how?

What is the purpose of a researcher? How will we cure illnesses in the future? What will the city of tomorrow look like? What does climate change really mean? So many questions and just as many answers will be provided by the Science in the City Festival that aims to take the mystery out of science. This festival that is unique in its genre will host conferences, demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions for young and old alike, featuring encounters with science for scientists, from here and abroad, and for those who may be dreaming of a future career as a researcher in Europe. Researcher hunts, puzzles to solve, fun and interactive entertainments are all on the programme for this event that will be held in France for the very first time.


Check out the amazing programme, with 123 events in 55 different locations: