Poster sessions

Poster sessions

Call for posters

Poster presentations were presented and highlighted all throughout ESOF 2018, ensuring high visibility for the work. 

This format is also a great way to engage in networking with all the ESOF communities (from scientists to media, including business, science policy makers etc.).

Proposals from all actors were encouraged with a special focus on students and early career researchers, whose participation was ]especially emphasized  in this ESOF 2018 Toulouse edition.

More than 200 posters were featured during ESOF. The student competition allowed young researcher's works to be acknowledged, along with the work of a few presenters selected for a 3-minute "flash presentation" of their posters on the main stage after each plenary!

A total of 55 posters were presented at the students' competition. All of them were evaluated by an international jury who considered the following 5 criteria:

  • General appearance
  • Scientific approach
  • Intelligibility
  • Perspectives, innovation
  • Response to questions

Ten of them were awarded with prizes and a certificate:

  • Thiziri BELKACEM with her poster "INFORMATION RETRIEVAL AND DEEP LEARNING: Document representation and text matching using deep learning" technics
  • Ionela GAVRILA with her poster “An example of switching from Oil to Waste: Polymeric Materials of the Future”
  • Laura GUERRIER with her poster “Correlation between glucose metabolism and visual complaint in posterior cortical atrophy. A FGD-PET controlled study
  • Maroun KOUSSAIFI & Walid YOUNES with their poster “Emergence of Composite Services in Smart Environments”
  • Carolane MASCLE with her poster “Interacti’Livre : illustrated books for visually impaired children”
  • Columba MARTINEZ ESPINOSA with her poster "Role of wetlands in the regulation of nitrate flows to the surface water at catchments scales."
  • Benoit PONS with his poster “Cellular study of a bacterial DNA-damaging virulence factor, the Cytolethal Distending Toxin (CDT)”

The three best won special prizes and the first one also received a one-year subscription to Nature:

  1. Kévin GILLOIS with his poster “Silver food additive: what impact on gut microbiota and mucus under physiological or psychological stress conditions ?
  2. Clarisse LINÉ with her poster “Do carbon nanotubes threaten agriculture? Impact on plant health and accumulation in upper parts.
  3. Raúl GONZÁLEZ MUÑOZ with his poster “Software Obsolescence in the Aerospace World: A Raising Criticality”