Create your own programme with our Web App

For environmental reasons, ESOF 2018 decided not to print a full-length programme this year.

Not only will you save trees, you will also benefit from a wide range of services and comprehensive information that will simplify your stay at ESOF!
Organise your visit, select unmissable sessions, have productive meetings, exchange with exhibitors…with your personal WebAppInviteo MyEvent, you can tailor your schedule at ESOF from your computer, smartphone or tablet.
Note that, during the forum, a wifi access will be provided. More details here.

> Create your own ESOF schedule
- Check the detailed programme
- Select the sessions you wish to attend: they will automatically be saved in your personalised schedule.
- Receive information and documentation about the presentations (updated in real time)

> Save information on the programme
- Create your personalized book of abstracts including parallel sessions, posters or flash presentations
- Access the detail of each presentation and bookmark those you want to keep
- Access the expo offering, check the exhibitors’ profile, their location, and get in touch directly with them

>  Participate actively in the Forum
- Personalise your profile
- Check the registered participant list, their profile and offers, bookmark the ones you want to meet and be updated once they arrive. Send them private messages.
- Retrieve profile information of those you have met and want to stay in touch with by scanning the QR code on the front of their badge !
- Exchange messages with other participants
- Contact the author of the presentations you liked

> Prolong the benefit from the forum after it’s over
- Once back at home, check who has expressed interest in your profile or your offers and get in direct contact
- Export all the profiles from the badges you scanned or those you have bookmarked
- Access the summary of the sessions that you bookmarked

Inviteo Myevent does not require software installation. It is a mobile website accessible from either your PC, mobile or tablet’s browser. 

Your login and password were sent to you by mail.

Also if your smartphone is not equipped with a QR Code reader to scan badges from other participants etc. we recommend that you download one today. 

For any question / technical issue, please contact

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