Toward improving the ocean observing system in the Eastern Tropical Pacific

July 4, 2018 July 6, 2018


An ESOF label is required to organize an international scientific workshop on Ocean Observing Systems in the Eastern Tropical Pacific. This workshop will be held on 4-6 July 2018 both at LEGOS (OMP, University of Toulouse III), and at Maison Universitaire Franco- Mexicaine in Toulouse. The discussions and share of knowledge on ocean Oxygen Minimum Zones (OMZ) expansion, and oceanic processes key for El Niño development will allow for the pilot study preparation to:

- optimize the ocean observing system in the equatorial eastern Pacific,

- guide the strategy for the establishment of a Climate Observatory near Clipperton Island dedicated to monitoring the OMZ in the region.

This workshop aims to leverage a network among European and Latin American institutions on ocean and climate observations issues.

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