ESOF 2018 Preparatory Meetings

ESOF 2018 Preparatory Meetings in Toulouse

The ESOF 2018 preparatory meetings have been launched in Toulouse in 2016 to create synergies between the scientific, cultural, political and economic communities. The main topics related to science, territory, economic sphere, culture as well as society and Europe have been highlighted during the first three meetings.

4 new ESOF 2018 meetings will be organised in Toulouse and its region in 2017, targeting specific themes that will be important in ESOF 2018. Each meeting will be prepared with various partners and active public/private clusters anchored in the region.


8th March 2017 - Big Data & Health
12th May 2017 - Robot - Robot / Robot - Human interactions
24th October 2017 - Digital transformation of Agrichains
21th November 2017 - Water & Energy


8 December 2016 - "Research and innovation: the key factors for the development of your company?"
8 November 2016
- "Science, Innovation & Territory: an ambition in synergy?"
8 April 2016
 - "ESOF 2018, one more step towards building a Europe of Science"