5th Meeting ESOF 2018

5th Local Meeting ESOF 2018: Robots and Humans

The 5th Preparatory Meeting ESOF2018 “Robots and Humans, how do they cooperate?” took place in Toulouse, 12 May, as part of the Fablab Festival 2017, and co-organised by the competitiviness cluster Aerospace Valley, with the support of ONERA, LAAS and Artilect.

Highlights of a very rich and lively conference and state of the art about drones, health assistance robots and future of robotics.

5th ESOF2018 Preparatory Meeting: Robots and Humans, how do they cooperate? 

Robots are the future but are already a reality in the present. From aerospace industry to healthcare, European experts invited to the 5th ESOF 2018 preparatory meeting presented in Toulouse on 12 May the key issues and assets in this rapidly moving area.

In the recent decades, robotics has deeply modified industrial processes and design, but more recently, robots also became more and more present in the everyday life. It is no more Hollywood fantasy but reality: computer games, nursing care, supervision of drones, domestic applications opened the way to robots in our lives combined with digitalisation and what is called “internet of things”. These new experiences lead to the question of interactions between Humans and Robots but also between robots. That was the topic of the 5th ESOF 2018 preparatory Meeting held 12 May in Toulouse in the frame of the European FabLab Festival.

Fablab festival


Organised as the Opening ceremony of the professional day of the FabLab Festival, the 5th ESOF 2018 preparatory Meeting was introduced by the Mayor of Toulouse, Jean-Luc Moudenc, and the Vice-president of the Occitanie Region, Nadia Pellefigue, both enthusiastic about the opportunity given by ESOF 2018 to promote Toulouse at the heart of the European innovation scene. The Secretary General of EuroScience, Peter Tindemans, the President of the FabLab Artilect – one of the oldest and largest in the world, Nicolas Lassabe, the board member of Fab Foundation, Chris Wilkinson, Lead Technologist of Airbus, Vincent Loubière, and Anne Cambon-Thomsen, ESOF 2018 Champion, gave introductory speeches to the scientific conference.

Several European experts were invited to present keynote speeches. Henry de Plinval from ONERA presented the challenges regarding cooperation between heterogeneous robots for control of drones. Alin Albu-Shaffer, from the German Aerospace Centre, talked about controlling light-weight robots and imagined the future of teleoperation. Kerstin Dautenhahn, from the University of Hertfordshire, presented the state-of-the-art of the use of robots in healthcare applications, for example for elderly or children with autism, with great results in terms of social behaviour for the children. She explained that we can actually find three types of home robots - cognitive prosthetics, physical assistants, social mediators - and emphasised that robots are not computers and that they share physical space with people.

During the round table, with the three speakers and Rachid Alami from LAAS-CNRS, Stéphanie Cardoso from Bordeaux University, Matthieu Claybrough from Donéclé and Adolfo Suarez-Roos from Airbus, it was clearly told that robots are now a concrete reality, but that there are still numerous limits regarding a large range of use of robots beyond the classical ones for the “3D” – dull, dirty, and dangerous - tasks. Big challenges, including ethical discussions, are already there!


About ESOF 2018 preparatory meetings

Initiated in 2016, the ESOF 2018 preparatory meetings cycle continues in 2017 with a series of thematic conferences.

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The ESOF2018 Preparatory Meeting are organised with the financial support of Region Occitanie.