3rd Meeting ESOF 2018

Third preparatory meeting ESOF 2018

The 3rd Preparatory Meeting ESOF 2018, dedicated to the role of research and innovation for the industry,  took place on 8 December in the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIT) around the theme "Research & innovation: key factors for the development of your company?" in presence of personalities from the economic sector.

After a word of welcome from Pierre Montoriol, President of the Innovation, Research, Higher Education, Competitive Centre Relations Commission, representing Alain Di Crescenzo, President of the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who recalled the commitment of the CCIT to the ESOF 2018 preparation, Anne Cambon-Thomsen, ESOF 2018 Champion, presented the various facets of ESOF and encouraged companies to invest in the next edition of the Forum in 2018, in particular to:

  • participate in the Exhibition;
  • propose sessions in the Science to Business programme;
  • participate in the animation of the "Village of Enterprises";
  • welcome European trainees (and involve them in ESOF 2018);
  • participate in the "Tourism of Science and Innovation" programme;
  • become a partner and / or sponsor of ESOF 2018.

"ESOF offers numerous opportunities for companies, which will be able to benefit from the coverage of scientific media from around the world and to meet the policy makers of Science and Innovation in Europe," she said.

Experts then spoke about the topic "The importance of innovation and R&D for business development". Serge Boverie, Senior Manager, Continental Automotive France, stressed that "Innovation is absolutely necessary to stay in the race in a sector characterised by fierce competition." Valérie Bobineau, Head of Operational Excellence, Evotec France and David Keribin, member of the IoT Valley Governing Board and co-founder of CityMeo, shared their views on the role of R&D in increasing business.

The meeting was continued by a round table with institutional representatives at European, national and regional levels. Thomas Etesse, Head of Technology Innovation at the Directorate of Enterprises, International Economics and Tourism Promotion at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, detailed the various means existing at the Ministry that could contribute to support the ESOF 20108 organisation.

Marie-Elisabeth Borredon, Regional Delegate for Research and Technology Occitanie then declared that "The Region Occitanie has nearly 30 000 researchers and 220 000 students for whom ESOF 2018 will be a showcase". Dominique Faure, Vice-President of Toulouse Métropole in charge of Economic Development and Business Areas Arrangement, said "Innovation and research are the genes of our Metropolis".

Jean Salanova, Vice-President in charge of Digital affairs at the Université Fédérale Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées, explained how companies will benefit from the attractiveness of the University of Toulouse, whose international outreach will be amplified thanks to hosting ESOF in 2018.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Stephane Berghmans, representative of EuroScience, organisation at the origin of ESOF, presented statistical data according to which France holds a leading position on the world scale in terms of collaboration between the academic world and the private sector. He strongly encouraged economic players to participate in this major meeting on science and innovation in Europe by giving numerous examples of the post-ESOF benefits for his company.

Download the programme of the 3rd Meeting ESOF 2018

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