Science meets poetry

Science and poetry : a little understood harmony

Science has more in common with poetry than we think. ESOF is a unique place where scientists and poets can meet.

Prof. Jean-Patrick Connerade initially founded "Science meets Poetry" at ESOF 2006 in Munich. It was featured as an event to celebrate Ludwig II, the Visionary King of Bavaria, by bringing together scientists, engineers and poets to present the diverse facets of his fascinating and complex personality.

The interest aroused by bringing together scientists and poets was such that it seemed a good idea to broaden the scope and to stage an event dedicated entirely to poetry and to science during each ESOF. Since then, contemporary poets from all over Europe, whether they are themselves scientists, or simply poets fascinated by science, gather at EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) to consider the complex relations between science and poetry.

Hear about Science meets Poetry and their mysterious connections in an exclusive interview of Jean-Patrick Connerade to the EuroScientist.

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