YESOF, ESOF for the youth


Young + ESOF = YESOF! ESOF for the youth is a full programme track of ESOF 2018, in partnership with the Rectorat de l'Académie de Toulouse (Local entity in charge of education).

Disseminating science among the youngest generations, motivating their interest for various facets of science and their perception of the European and international dimension of science are among the ambitions of ESOF.

Science related achievements of the children during the school year and initiatives of scientific culture actions for and with the youth will be presented during ESOF or during the Science in the City festival. International initiatives are welcome!

Learn more about the YESOF initiatives on the programme down below: 

YESOF Programme

During 2017:

The programme is built around events led by the French National Education body or by its partners, whether associations, research institutes or universities.

As such, 26 events labelled “ESOF 2018 – Toulouse European City of Science” have enabled young pupils from primary, middle and high schools as well as their teachers to carry out scientific, technological or industrial culture activities.

During 2018:

Excluding the timeframe of 7 to 15 July, the programme, similar to the 2017 one, is built around events led by the National Education or by associations, research institutes or universities in which young pupils from primary, middle and high schools as well as teachers are involved.

Besides these +80 events, below are the works achieved as part of ESOF 2018:

  • Design & production of a mascot by the Lycée Rive-Gauche high-school, Toulouse. This project involves students from technological and professional courses.
  • Organisation of a science village, highlighting projects created by middle-school students from the entire regional education authority (“Académie”).
  • “Sharing Science”: primary school pupils have interviewed researchers, across the entire regional education authority (“Académie”).
  • Student participation to the poetry and science competition organised by the Académie des Jeux Floraux, a partner of the National Education.
  • Organisation of a series of conferences by the Lycée Fermat (high-school), Toulouse, for students in preparatory classes and teachers.

During the EuroScience Open Forum, from 9 to 14 July:

For the first time, ESOF for the Youth (YESOF) will constitute an integral part of the scientific forum: featured and highlighted in the general programme, so will the activities taking place during ESOF. To this day the following projects are in the making:

  • During the opening ceremony, the mascot will be presented to the public by the high school students that have led this project. It will then be handed over to the city organising ESOF 2020 (Trieste) during the closing ceremony.
  • The students from four high schools in Toulouse will present a poster, in English, during the poster session organised by the ESOF team.
  • An English-speaking roundtable for high-school pupils and students around the topic of math will be organised by the ESOF team. High-profile mathematicians are being considered as guest speakers. It will be the occasion amongst other things to compare practices across different European countries. Entry for this activity will be free for pupils and students. Registration is mandatory.

During the Science in the City Festival, from 8 to 15 July:

The Science in the City festival aims to put together a coherent set of science-related activities. Free entry for the general public is one of the main criteria. More than 170 proposals have been submitted to this day, which cover events and/or operational support work.

Three activities have been selected as part of YESOF:

  • Réseau Canopé’s project. Exhibition: “sciences and the school of the 3rd Republic: a heritage”, which will be in place until 9 July and highlighted in the festival’s programme on 7 & 8 July.
  • Captive balloon, crafted by high-school students with support from the CNES, for atmospheric sounding and aerosol monitoring.
  • A stand to be held during half a day at the science village on the 13th of July (Place du Capitole)

Satellite event from 7 to 9 July: European Student Parliament

A delegation of high school students from the Toulouse regional education authority will be invited to participate in the European Student Parliament. This event will lead to a report being submitted to the European Commissioner for Research, Innovation and Science, M. Carlos Moedas.