International Marketing & Media Committee

ESOF 2018 International Media Marketing members

The International Marketing and Media Committee is responsible the ESOF 2018 promotion and the overall communication & media strategy elaboration.

Annely ALLIK (Estonia)

Marketing and Com manager Estonian Biobank


For last 10 years, Annely Allik has been responsible for PR and communication, working as a Marketing and Communication manager at the Estonian Biobank. Prior to this, Mrs. Allik has a long-time experience in marketing at Estonian branches of Toyota Motor Corp. and G4S. In 2016, she organized the Estonian showcase at Lions Health in Cannes, an event seeking to challenge strict regulations of pharmacy industry through joint efforts of both pharmacy and healthcare communication professionals. She has built up a network across Eastern European countries through the FP7 project BBMRI-LPC, where Estonian Biobank was assigned as a center of excellence with a focus on training and educational activities for new emerging biobanks.

Marie-France BAYLET (France)

CEO La Dépêche


After being head of l’Occitane de communications, Marie-France Baylet became CEO of La Dépêche du Midi in 2016. She created the organization Flag-France Renaissance in 2013 which serves to showcase France’s rich heritage; this earned her an office at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Originally, she worked in real-estate and tourism and was the head five companies, notably Compagnie Méridionale de Voyages et de Tourisme.

Stephan BERGHMANS (Belgium)

VP Elsevier


Since 2013, Stephan Berghmans has been on the Global Academic & Research Relations team at Elsevier, where he is VP and oversees EU strategic initiatives, partnerships, and stakeholder needs. He is also a member of the Governing Board at EuroScience. Prior to this, he directed SCINNAMIC, managed the secretariat general for the European Medical Research Councils and was director of Drug Discovery at Znomics in Portland.

Séverine CIANCIA (France)

Responsable service information scientifique et communication chez ANRS


For 12 years, Séverine Ciancia is responsible for press office at INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) where her responsibilities include managing a small team and directing international communication projects on health and research.
For 3 years, she was also European Project partner (FP7 HEALTH) for CommHERE where she helped improve communication on the outcomes of European health research projects.
She has already participated in ESOF and is involved in AAAS.

Clive COOKSON (United Kingdom)

Science Editor Financial Times


Clive Cookson has been the science editor for the Financial Times since 1991 where he writes on all branches of science. Prior to this position, he was science correspondent of the Times Higher Education Supplement, technology correspondent of The Times and science correspondent on BBC Radio.
He has already participated in ESOF.

Jens DEGETT (Denmark)

President of European Union of Science Journalists' Associations (EUSJA)


President of the European Union of Science Journalists Association (EUSJA) since 2016, Jens Degett is also a board member of EuroScience and chair of the Danish Science Journalists Association. Previously, he was executive director of the European Action in Global Life Sciences, director of communication and information at the European Science Foundation (ESF) and he hosted Danish science radio programs.

Catherine GAY (France)

Director Toulouse Blagnac airport strategy & development


Catherine Gay’s career at the Toulouse-Blagnac Airport began with a hostess position. It truly took off in 1996 when she created and became director of the airport’s Strategy and Development service. Among other things, she helped the airport with its commercial promotion, relations with airline companies to open new lines and its affairs with travel agencies. She also created two associations: Mémoires d’Aéropostale and Festival des Etoiles et des Ailes.

Aidan GILLIGAN (Ireland & Belgium)

ESOF 2018 Vice-chair. CEO of SciCom


ESOF 2018 IMMC Vice-chair
In 2011, Aidan Gilligan founded and became CEO of SciCom, a company dedicated to the communication of science that provides many services such as informational campaigns, media relations, and event organization. He previously worked as press & internal communications officer for the European Commission and as media manager on EU research policy for Hill & Knowlton International.
He has already participated in ESOF.

Patrice GOLDBERG (Belgium)

Journalist RTBF


In 1988, Patrice Goldberg joined Radio Télévision Belge Francophone (RTBF) and has worked there ever since. He presented daily news on TV and radio as well as various chronicles. In 2000, he became the producer, main author, and presenter of Matière Grise, a popular science TV program broadcasted by RTBF.
He has already participated in ESOF.

Alice HENCHLEY (United Kingdom)

CD, global publisher at Springer Nature


Alice Henchley works with Springer Nature, a global publisher, where she is currently communication director and was head of journals press. In previous years, she worked as head of press for The Royal Society and the Zoological Society of London.
She has already participated in ESOF.

Dominique LEGLU (France)

ESOF 2018 IMMC Chair. Editor Science & Avenir


ESOF 2018 IMMC Chair
Since 2003, Dominique Leglu has been editorial director of Science et Avenir, a magazine of popular science writings and this year, became editorial director of La Recherche, a magazine aimed at a more knowledgeable audience. Previously, she worked for the newspaper, Liberation, under the scientific section. She has been president of the French Association of Science Journalists (AJSPI) and a delegate to EUSJA. Twice in her career, she has received awards for scientific popularization.
She has already participated in ESOF.

Ana MARUSIC (Croatia)

Professor University of Split School of Medecine


Ana Marusic is a professor of anatomy and chair of the Department of Research in Biomedicine and Health at the University of Split School of Medicine. She had previously taught at the University of Zagreb School of Medicine for 22 years. She has a large network of science editors because she was president of the World Association of Medical Editors and of the Council of Science Editors and is now the president of the European Association of Science Editors. She was the member of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE). Finally, she is editor in chief of the Journal of Global Health.

Yves SCIAMA (France)

Freelance science journalist


Yves Sciama is a French freelance science journalist and writer, trained in biology and science journalism. Yves' work has appeared in "Science et Vie", "Le Monde", "Libération" and other major French media, as well as in English in "Science". He has done some documentary writing, website designing, and is the author of several books. Yves has won several prizes and fellowships, including a Knight Science Journalism Fellowship at MIT in 2014. He is also vice-president of AJSPI, the French association of science journalists.

Frédérick WITTOCK (Belgium)

Sr. Director R&D Communications at The Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson