Conference structure

Unlike other scientific conferences, ESOF’s Science Programme is multidisciplinary and is complemented by three other programmes:

  • A Careers Programme, geared specifically towards young European researchers.
  • A Science to Business Programme, to link researchers with business people and potential entrepreneurs.
  • A Science in the City Programme; which hosts events within the city to bring scientific culture to the public.

Furthermore, ESOF offers a specific agenda dedicated to science communication. It also expands its outreach through an exhibition, designed to showcase the best of European public and private research. Finally, social and satellite events are held throughout the city to ensure that the experience of ESOF attendees is socially, culturally and intellectually invigorating.

ESOF Staff

Each ESOF conference is organized by a local organising team, assisted by a professional conference organiser for logistical organisation.

The local organising team relies on the support of the EuroScience team, EuroScience being the founder of ESOF and bringing its expertise and knowledge from all the past ESOF events. EuroScience makes sure that the spirit of ESOF and what makes it a unique event in Europe is maintained from one edition to the next.